— About —


— I vow to uphold the spirit of truth and unity and to see the love in everyone

“When I made this vow, it chose me. I use it as a headline here to demonstrate to you what really matters to me when I am working with you. My ceremonies have a theme of inclusivity, of love, of connection and of joy. My love of music and poetry pour through each and every ceremony as these are my passions creating something very special. My own connection with the SOURCE of all life enables me to be a conduit for that connection with you.

Your ceremony, whatever its purpose, and it can have several purposes, will be unique to you, and I will guide you through like a mother cares for her child, with love, with understanding and with all your needs met.

Through the Spiritual Guidance, which is all part of this work I hold you and your family in the Presence of Love, supporting you in whatever way you need that support, during the most important cycles of your life encouraging you always to know your truth and to represent it within your individual ceremony.

I am married and living in Devizes, Wiltshire. I have two adult children of my own, two adult step children and 4 grandchildren. I work in the South of England chiefly Wiltshire, Somerset, Sussex, Gloucestershire and Dorset.”

Rev Hilary Franklin